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Dear Future Me

Dear Future Me,

I hope you look back and remember how far you have come. I hope you see the beauty in each broken step that you have walked. Look around - This beautiful life is the result of perseverance and grace.

Dear Future Me,

I hope you look back and know that each and every misstep and mistake was to get you to this very moment. God does not make mistakes. He has counted your days and woven together your trials and tribulations in His perfect hands.

Oh, ye of little faith? Have you not known that the Lord works all things together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. You are no different, my dear.

Keep sprinting, walking, crawling, just keep moving.

You are far more ahead than you even realize. And when that gets tough to remember, just know who is walking in front of you. Our Heavenly Father shines through his children so that they can walk beside you here on earth. Let them. Let them walk. Let them see. Beauty grows through connection.

Don't give up. You are too precious.

Dear Future Me,

Thank you for taking the time and courage to shape and mold what the Lord has always had in store for me. Thank you for not letting the heaviness of this world crush you.

Dear Future Me.

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